Concrete Slab Edge Shutter

The Edges of Suspended Concrete Floor Slabs are usually formed by using Concrete Slab Edge Trim Shuttering, which acts as a permanent formwork to the edges of the slabs and any internal openings within the floor slab.


Slab Edge Shutter made from pressed strips of light gauge galvanised steel. The concrete edge shuttering is manufactured to the same height as the required slab thickness which guarantees the slab is at the exact height required and also maintains a perfect slab edge. This is achieved not only by the strength of the edge shuttering but also by the galvanised steel strips or restraint straps which fix to the upper part of the edge shutter every 600mm for additional reinforcement to the up stand and to reduce any deflection during construction and the concrete pour.

The bottom or base of the edge trim shutter can be manufactured to any sizes depending on the application. For example, the base may be 75mm if the slab edge is flush with the edge of steel or edge of wall. If there was a cantilever/overhang required, we can increase the base to 200mm and beyond to accommodate this. Depending on the slab depth and gauge or material, cantilevered edge trims may require temporary propping during construction.

We manufacture the slab edge shuttering in 3m lengths as standard. Edge Shutters being used to form a curve are achievable by cutting and bending the standard lengths to form a continuous facetted curve with typically, 300mm straight sized.


Metal Decking Floors

Our Concrete Slab Edge Shuttering is widely used on steel and metal decking projects when pouring concrete in-situ onto the metal decking floors. Once the steel decking has been laid, the edge shuttering is then fixed around the perimeters of the slab and any internal openings within the slab. Concrete can then be poured in-situ onto the metal deck floor to the required height of the slab.

Pre-Cast Concrete Floor
Our Concrete Slab Edge Shuttering is also widely used on pre-cast concrete slab projects. The Edge Shuttering is perfect for creating permanent edge formwork to any channels in the slab which have to be poured in-situ. SWUK are also able to manufacture many types and sizes of screed stop. This acts as a shutter for in-situ screeds being poured onto pre-cast concrete slabs.

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