A142 Reinforcement Mesh


SWUK Stock A142 reinforcement mesh in the below size

3600mm x 2000mm sheets

Longitudinal Wires – 6mm

Cross Wires – 6mm

Mesh Size – 200mm x 200mm

Kg/m2 – 2.2kg

Kg/sheet – 16kg



The Bar reinforcement mesh in composite slabs usually takes the form of a relatively light welded fabric A142 Reinforcement mesh, commonly supplemented by some bar reinforcement. The fabric reinforcement is required to perform a number of functions: -

  • Provide bending resistance at the supports of the slab in the fire condition.
  • Reduce and control cracking at the supports, which occurs because of flexural tension and differential shrinkage effects.
  • Distribute the effects of localised point loads and line loads.
  • Strengthen the edge of openings.
  • Act as transverse reinforcement for the composite beams.

Our high quality A142 reinforcement mesh is 100% UK sourced and manufactured to BS4483/2005 with CARES approval. The A142 mesh is lightest mesh we offer from stock, with 6mm cross wires.


BS4483 fabricMesh Size NormalDiameter of WireCross Section AreaNormal Mass
BRC Ref:Pitch of Wires Per Metre widthPer m2
Square Mesh
BRC Ref: BS4483 fabric
Square MeshA393Mesh Size Normal - Pitch of Wires200200Diameter of Wire1010Cross Section Area - Per Metre width393393Normal Mass - Per m26.16
Square MeshA252Mesh Size Normal - Pitch of Wires200200Diameter of Wire88Cross Section Area - Per Metre width252252Normal Mass - Per m23.95
Square MeshA193Mesh Size Normal - Pitch of Wires200200Diameter of Wire77Cross Section Area - Per Metre width193193Normal Mass - Per m23.02
Square MeshA142Mesh Size Normal - Pitch of Wires200200Diameter of Wire66Cross Section Area - Per Metre width142142Normal Mass - Per m22.22

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