Lewis Deck

LEWIS Dovetailed sheets are the original rolled dovetailed steel sheets used for shuttering and reinforcing thin lightweight concrete floors on wooden, steel or other bearing constructions.

LEWIS represents a reliable professional floor solution in new builds and renovations.


The LEWIS floor consists of a LEWIS metal decking, finished with a thin layer of (lightweight) fine grade aggregate concrete or liquid screed.

After the sheets are assembled, fine grade aggregate concrete (C20/25) or self-levelling liquid screed (≥ C20) is applied over the Dovetailed sheeting. During processing, the LEWIS Dovetailed sheets act as shuttering and transfer the weight of the concrete mix and the assembly load to the bearing construction.

Once the cement hardens, it forms a constructional entirety with the LEWIS Dovetailed sheets. The cement can be given a level monolithic finish so that there is no need for an extra finishing floor. The finished LEWIS floor is therefore very thin (= 36 mm).

The profile of the LEWIS Dovetailed sheeting has a unique S-shaped geometry as a result of which the highest possible load bearing capacity of the floor is ensured by the composite action between the sheet and the fine grade aggregate concrete or self-levelling liquid screed.

The dimensionally stable profiling ensures an exact fit between the sheets. Leakage between the overlapping seams will not occur even when high slump concrete or a self-levelling liquid screed is used. An optimal filling load can also be realised with the special S-shaped geometry and the dovetailed sheet can be safely walked upon during the implementation phase.


Common applications for LEWIS metal decking:

  • Separating floors
  • Acoustic floors
  • Fire-resistant floors
  • Industrial Flexible and Demountable IFD floors (SLIMLINE for example)
  • Structural floors
  • Bathroom and wet-rooms (bathroom)
  • Tiles, natural stone, terrazzo on wood subfloors
  • Underfloor heating (UFH)
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Elevated floors.
  • Raised ground floors

Technical Data

Properties of the LEWIS composite floors:

  • Low dead load (from approx. 45 kg/m2).
  • High permissible load
  • Thin floor thickness (from 36 mm)
  • Easy to install
  • High impact and airborne sound insulation
  • Up to 120 minutes fire resistance
  • Spans (centre to centre) of up to 2500 mm
  • Durable due to use of high quality steel
  • Cost-saving and reliable

Installation Guide

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SWUK are a stockist of the Lewis Deck dovetailed system and can deliver standard sheet sizes within 5 working days of order.

Alternatively, for bespoke orders, we can provide the Lewis Deck pre-cut to suit your layout. Lead times may vary.

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