ROCKWOOL Acoustic Infills are specially engineered into trapezoidal shapes that can be suited to fit all types of perforated metal roof deck profiles. Ideal for use in flat roof areas such as over convention and sports halls, manufacturing plants, or corridors, this product has an optimised density to absorb sound.

Acoustic Infills have been designed and tested for use with ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® roof systems as a solution to E3 and E4 of the Approved Document E, achieving Class C sound absorption in accordance with BS EN ISO 11654.


  • Excellent acoustic absorption – in conjunction with HARDROCK Multi-Fix, ROCKWOOL Acoustic Infills have a Class C rating which will keep noise levels to a minimum.

  • Precision manufactured – pre-cut to suit metal deck profiles, Acoustic Infills are manufactured with expert cutting technology to ensure precise dimensions for a perfect fit into perforated metal deck profiles.

  • Save time on-site – the precision in the trapezoidal shapes, combined with the ease of application directly within the deck troughs, ensures a quick and efficient install.

  • Looks as good as it performs – an acoustically transparent tissue facing gives enhanced aesthetic appeal.

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